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Shameless self-pimpage again

Hi everybody! *waves*

After having been around here for quite a while (in the Sherlock Holmes fandom as well as on LJ), I have now decided to dedicate a whole blog to Holmes and Watson:


So, here we go: Fanfiction, squeees, pictures, videos, essays..., ..., ...

This time it will be


You can use the tags to select:

- "English"... you see my entries that are written in English
- "deutschspr."... steht für "deutschsprachig", und das dürfte wohl selbsterklärend sein... ;)

So, if you're interested... would LOVE to welcome you there as well!

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*stares in utter amazement onto the screen featuring the new BBC "Sherlock" show!*


Whoah, that's brilliant!


That part of my heart that is Sherlockian will always belong to Jeremy... but I guess I should at least acquaint myself with the name of this one...

Something tells me that this show is about to write TV history...

May I add: Eat you heart out, Guy Ritchie... ;)
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Starting to draw again... (rough sketch)

It's been almost two decades ago that I did/tried my hand at drawing etc. seriously, and that was in art's class at school.

Now I am slowly trying to get back into the saddle again, especially after having found so much inspiration and encouragement with my friends. I seem to have forgotten about many things and techniques... but comparing this one with my first try, I daresay I am already learning from previous mistakes... ;)

So... one of the current results here... :)

The "Wixxer"

The final sequence (incl. outtakes) of "Der Wixxer"... of the funniest German movies I have seen in the recent decade... if you are familiar with the Edgar-Wallace-Movies of the 60ies, that is, and if you understand the dialogue. ;)

Love that song as well!
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In case you see "double"... ;)

Dear all, and especially those who are also on the f-list of susaslounge (which is my writer's and musician's account and therefore public and "business")...

You might be getting the occasional déja-vus the following days by finding reposts of some of my poetry and other writings under that account. That is because I am in the process of building up my online portfolio and get back, so to speak, into the business, especially as the English language market it so very new for me.

Oh... and in case anyone wonders... YEAHHH! This IS actually an insufficiently veiled attempt to pimp this other account of mine (remember? susaslounge) and raise everyone's attention and all that cr-..., umm...jazz... ;)