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Unleashing my Muse and...

...starting to draw again???

Oh, it's been such a long time!! I've never been a genius re. this, but I remember in school I used to do that fairly well. (Shhhhhh... that's almost two decades ago...)

Anyway, I have been thinking about all these LJ artists who obviously use ther computers to draw. I have no idea about either the neccessary hardware nor software, but I imagine it affords a drawing programme (or can one simply use MS Paint for starters??) and some kind of touchpad and a penlike mouse...

Erm... not that I could afford it, right now that is... but at least I'd like to know WHAT EXACTLY I can not afford yet... ;)

Any advice, please?


(crossposted to urwishisgranted )

Well, today I got the news that the publisher has decided against publishing my novel, because for they next season they'd keep their focus on a different theme. I cannot say I am totally struck down by that, as it was a long shot anyway, since the script is yet rudimentary. I am still confident there will be other opportunities.

Speaking of which, I am working on these as well. I am actually dipping my toe into the waters of foreign markets now... and it might get interesting. After a period of not only a huge writer's block together with health issues AND getting myself a new job to pay the bills in between, I feel like being on the roll again.

And so I have reached a little success by having one of my German poems accepted for the poetry database of an online bookshop. (No, it is NOT Amazon yet, but it is something. For those of you who understand German, HERE it is to be found...


Welcome to the community for writers, whether aspiring or already publically acknowledged.

This is basically shoptalk, so it is about exchanging experiences, recommending websites or contests, looking for collaboration, even advertising services.

(Mind, this is NOT the place to post your fiction, but of course it is an opportunity to introduce your work and to pimp your own blog or website. One never knows, right?)


As simple as this (H/W slash)

A/N: Just a little one-shot that had come to my mind. I have just written it, in basically one go, so it is completely unbeta'd. A bit angsty, perhaps, but in spite of it being slashy, I do not think it requires a rating beyond PG13...

Summary: Things are not always the way they seem.

I wonder if it makes sense to anyone but me...?


But this... this was different. I just could not ask him, as I could neither bear to be rejected by him, nor did I want him to perform something on me he did not feel totally comfortable with. My craving would return every now and then, but I would suppress it... and afterwards be glad to have saved my face. Collapse )



Today, January 12th ,2010,

my dear jdolls_passions and yours truly (well, under the circumstances I should say "HERS truly")  nunewesen,

got married

at [info]marry_a_ljuser !

I most happily declare that I am now a taken woman... err... user. ;)



Haven't we all felt like this before...? ;)


A Journey to the Core (Part 11)

A Holmes and Watson (slash) fanfiction...

Rating: oh really… I don’t know… let’s say “M” to be on the safe side.

Pairing: H/W. Yes, we're talking male slash here. If you're not comfortable with this, pray skip this entry...

Watson is not entirely happy with his friendship with Holmes. He visits his friend and former client Sir Henry Baskerville by means of distraction and comes to a surprising realisation... and that's when suddenly Holmes shows up... for a journey into so far unknown territory.

Author's Notes: Watson POV. So far unbeta'd. I am always open for corrective suggestions regarding my grammar... thanks!
J  Sorry, for the slow updating... I'll try to be better next time...well, perhaps... *winks at Muse*

Oh, and the earlier parts of this story are to be found here...


Without any verbal form of communication we would agree to retire to my bedroom, which would be only dimly lit and all silent except the sound of our breathing and the rustling of clothing against skin and other fabrics and then descending to the floor. Collapse )


Dear all, the following is an additional statement regarding the ongoing conflict with LJ member [info]wirral_bagpuss (WB).

Due to recent events I see myself forced to state the following, and to do it publically, something which I usually quite loathe to do.

Thus having said, if you prefer to not be bothered with this, please skip this entry. Otherwise, please proceed to read 

Dear all,

this is basically to inform you that for the time being I will not continue with posting "Alena's Way" here. The reason for that is a very good one, as I have been recently approached by a potential publisher who had seen an excerpt of it, and they actually want to have a closer look at the script! (YAYZ!)

It is still possible that nothing will come out of it, but for a rather unknown author like myself it is rather unusual to being ASKED by publishers instead of having to apply there, together with hundreds of others. So, this is quite an encouragement.

Needless to say, this is a "regular" publishing company, not one of these frauds who take advantage of the dreams of an aspiring writer and try to get the authors to actually pay for their publishing. Otherwise I would not even have paid closer attention!